Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge

What is the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK™)?

Enterprise Architecture practice is growing quickly, accelerating in pace and adoption throughout the world but lacks an authoritative, unbiased place to learn about the wide array of experiences, methods and practices, and experiences.

The EA Body of Knowledge is a unique endeavor created by people who believe, first and foremost, that the best way to gather the knowledge about Enterprise Architecture is to ask practitioners and researchers to simply share what they know, what they do, and how well it works. This is practical knowledge. The EABOK is home to terms and concepts, standards and practices, methods and patterns, and perspectives on what works... and what fails to work. We are striving first for breadth and usefulness. Consistency will evolve with maturity.

The EABOK Consortium has senior leaders in the Enterprise Architecture community, including representatives from industry, government, and professional associations. But we are not looking only to ourselves for knowledge. On the contrary! While we have seeded the EABOK, we believe it will not be complete, actionable, and balanced, until we have input and insight from practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders. We aspire to have the EABOK become an ever-evolving map to insightful and useful information about enterprise architecture. Whether you are an experienced practitioner, an aspiring architect, or just someone interesting in this fascinating field, we welcome you to join our consortium and become a part of the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge.

Contact us to find out more about the EABOK Consortium, EABOK Governance Board, and the Panel of Advisors.


The EABOK brings the Enterprise Architecture (EA) community together to enable the advancement and visibility of the EA practice:

  • Increase access to the practices and experiences of the EA community
  • Explore the scope and boundaries of the EA discipline
  • Provide structure to the knowledge within the EA discipline
  • Enable common and consistent views of EA, while sharing diverse opinions
  • Connect the EA discipline to other disciplines

EABOK Consortium Members

Board of Governors

Dr. Sheila A. Cane
EABOK Governance Board Chair
The MITRE Corporation

Con Kenney
National Defense University

MITRE Ex officio Member

Katherine A. Hammond
The MITRE Corporation

Chief Editor

Dr. Duane W. Hybertson
The MITRE Corporation

Chair of Panel of Advisors

James Lapalme
École de Technologie Supérieure

A. Nicklas Malik
Microsoft Corporation

Dr. Richard McCarthy
Quinnipiac University