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MITRE conducts numerous technology evaluations each year, spanning a wide range of products and technologies. In order to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and sponsor needs, evaluation teams require a well-defined evaluation process that is efficient, repeatable, and as objective as possible.

This Toolkit is intended for MITRE project leads and engineers conducting technical evaluations of one or more products. The Standardized Technology Evaluation Process (STEP) outlines a rigorous process for technology evaluations of one or more COTS products. It applies to a variety of areas of technology and provides substantial benefits for evaluation teams and their government sponsors. From preliminary scoping to eventual integration and deployment, STEP guides teams in producing high quality reports, thorough evaluations, and defensible results. [Read More]

A requirement for any toolkit, including this Standardized Technology Evaluation Process (STEP) toolkit, is portability. Therefore, we produced a CD version of the toolkit, and if you would like copies, contact us at

Feedback and Contributions

If you have any additional information or assets to the Standardized Technology Evaluation Process, send them to the CMMI core team. Also, please let us know if something in this material is missing, incorrect, vague or unclear, or incomplete. We will do our best to consider your needs in future editions of the toolkit.



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Steps of Process and Workflow Diagram