Special Issue for the Journal of Social Media in Organizations (JSMO)

Call for Papers: Large-Scale Ideation and Deliberation: Tools and Studies in Organizations

Editors: Gregorio Convertino, Adam Westerski, Paloma Diaz, and Anna De Liddo


Social computing research has rapidly advanced during the past decade. Large crowds of people are now able to share knowledge using wikis, blogs, and forums; communicate using social networking platforms; and perform tasks using crowdsourcing platforms. Although those activities have become popular for casual communication and sharing, organizations have appropriated social computing for their own benefits. Thus, a new frontier for design and research has emerged: designing tools that support large-scale ideation and deliberation as well defined and repeatable processes in organizations and civic communities. In other words: designing tools to allow these communities to identify problems, generate and select solutions, and implement them as new services or products (e.g., grassroots innovation in organizations). This special issue focuses on tools and studies that are advancing this new frontier for social computing.
A number of promising applications have been developed for commercial and non-commercial uses, such as:

To address the needs for these types of systems, powerful software support platforms have also appeared (for example, see www.spigit.com, www.ideascale.com, www.brightidea.com, http://evidence-hub.net/). Many types of organizations, from business to education to government, are seeking out such platforms to include their constituencies in their deliberation processes, even as their constituencies increasingly expect such opportunities.

Those Large-Scale Ideation and Deliberation (LSID) platforms, however, face open challenges that include:

This special issue aims to gather experiences and reports on research done worldwide to cope with the aforementioned problems.

Call for Papers (CFP) and Review Process

We invite contributions that include (but are not limited to):

Submissions should follow the JSMO formatting guidelines for authors, available at http://www.mitre.org/jsmo. Each submission will be peer-reviewed using the following criteria:

Submit papers via email to the special issue editors, whose addresses are below.

Special Issue Timeline

Submission deadline: 28 June 2014 via email to the Special Issue Editors, listed below

Distribution of the CFP  31 January 2013
Submission deadline  1 August 2014
Reviews returned  31 October 2014
Submission deadline for completed,
revised manuscripts 
28 November 2014

Special Issue Editors


The suggested topics for this special issue are grouped in three key focus areas for research and development on large-scale deliberation in organizations: theory, technology and applications.



Applications in organizations and communities

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