MITRE's R&D in Nanoelectronics

MITRE's R&D in Nanoelectronics

A team of MITRE scientists working in collaboration with researchers at Harvard University has demonstrated prototype circuits of the world’s first programmable nanoprocessor. This demonstration is a major advance toward the development of ultra-tiny, nanotechnology-enabled computer processors that can be embedded in C4ISR systems in order to miniaturize them and control their operation. Here, a scanned-probe microscope has been used to image the nanoprocessor. The large green objects are micrometer-scale wires, underneath which are the much smaller, faint blue nanowires forming the core of the nanoprocessor.

The principal objective of the Nanosystems Group's nanoelectronics R&D is the design and demonstration of functional nanocomputers - electronic computers composed of molecular-scale devices and integrated on the molecular scale. Such nanocomputers will be much tinier and denser than their conventional counterparts, as well as more tightly embedded into the complex electronics systems that MITRE's sponsors require. They also will enable unimaginably diverse applications in the wider world.

For over 15 years, the Nanosystems Group has carried out systematic R&D in the design and simulation of devices, circuits, and architectures for nanoelectronic systems, including nanocomputers. Since 2006, commencing with the opening of nano/biotechnology laboratory facilities at MITRE, we have conducted a parallel effort in the experimental characterization and testing of nanoelectronic circuit and system prototypes.

MITRE's R&D in nanoelectronics may be categorized into three primary areas:

  1. Evaluation, via simulation and experimental testing, of nanoelectronic devices for applicability in nanoelectronic systems,
  2. Design, simulation, and prototyping of nanoelectronic circuits based upon the above nanodevices, plus
  3. Design and analysis of architectures for extended nanoelectronic systems, especially nanomemories
  4. and nanoprocessors.

Technical details of MITRE's nanoelectronics work can be obtained via the publications provided here.  For additional information about each of these R&D areas, please see below.



Nanoarchitectures and Nanoelectronic Systems

This research is conducted by MITRE senior scientists and student researchers through the Nanosystems Group Student Program.

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