MITRE's Nanotechnology Research and Development

Since 1992, MITRE's Nanosystems Group has been performing broad-based research and development (R&D) in nanotechnology. A unique strength of the group's technical efforts is its focus on systems engineering at the molecular scale.

The Nanosystems Group conducts research efforts in the following areas:

These systems engineering efforts in nanotechnology are supported by theoretical and experimental research, development, and engineering in areas such as:

  • Novel techniques for nanofabrication
  • Quantum device modeling and analysis
  • Carbon-based circuits and materials
  • Bio-nanotechnology
  • Hybrid power systems

The group's innovations in nanotechnology include key technical papers, inventions, and patents. The group also assists the U.S. Government in a wide range of activities including working with government officials in planning major nanotechnology R&D programs.

A key element of the MITRE Nanosystems Group is the participation by exceptionally talented high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. These student employees collaborate closely with senior staff; their joint efforts have contributed materially to the success of U.S. efforts in nanotechnology. This student mentorship program continues to contribute toward the education of the next-generation of highly skilled scientists and engineers in the U.S.



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