Nanosystems Group Summer Researchers 2012

As part of MITRE's Student Program, the Nanosystems Group engages young, talented researchers at the high school and college undergraduate levels in solving important problems in the field of nanotechnology. A number of former summer researchers have gone on to become some of the finest young scientists and professors in their fields, and continue to collaborate with MITRE.

Nick Arango

Freshman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sakethnath Are

Freshman, Math and Computer Science, Cornell University

James Bradbury

Freshman, Physics and Math, Standford University

Will Bunting

Sophomore, Physics and Mathematics, Caltech

Evan Clinton

Senior, Electrical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Sam Girvin

Freshman, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Ankit Goyal

Junior,Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Richard Randall

Sophomore, St. Albans School

Pranava Raparla

Freshman, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

Nalini Singh

Senior,Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Cathy Zhang

Senior, Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Devin Zhang

Junior, Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Instititute of Technology

Current Nanosystems Group Staff

MITRE's Student Program

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