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  • AF Policy Directive 90-9: Operational Risk Management, 1 April 2000
  • AFI 90-901: Operational Risk Management, 1 April 2000
  • AFMC Instruction 90-902: Operational Risk Management, Dec 2007

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    For additional information on risk management best practices and lessons learned, please see the Risk Management topic and articles in the online MITRE Systems Engineering Guide.

    About RiskNav
    RiskNav® is a well-tested tool developed by MITRE to facilitate the risk process and help program managers manage their risk space. RiskNav® lets you collect, analyze, prioritize, monitor, and visualize risk information in a collaborative fashion. This tool provides three dimensions of information graphically (risk priority, probability, and the mitigation/management status).

    RiskNav®, originally produced for the U.S. government, is designed to capture, analyze, and display risks at a project or enterprise level. RiskNav® is currently deployed throughout the intelligence community, ESC, FAA, Census and other MITRE sponsors.

    MITRE transferred the RiskNav technology to two licensee companies NMR Consulting, Inc. and KEYW (formerly Sycamore US). Each company has a commercial product based on RiskNav available (Highwire and RMT respectively). You can find information on their products at:

    Highwire: http://www.nmrconsulting.com/services/risk-management/
    NMR Consulting: http://www.nmrconsulting.com/contact-us/

    Risk Mitigation Tool: https://www.keywcorp.com
    KEYW Corp. rmtsales@keywcorp.com
    Risk Mitigation Tool POC: Charles Sistrunk, Program Manager, KeyW, 571-421-8500, csistrunk@keywcorp.com

    RiskNav presents the risk space in both tabular and graphical form. The tabular form, shown below, presents key information for each risk and allows the risk space to be filtered and sorted to focus on the most important risks.

    Risk List Table

    RiskNav Summaries Key Risk Information

    RiskNav uses a weighted average model that computes an overall score for each identified risk. The risk priority is a weighted average of the timeframe (how soon the risk will occur), probability of occurrence, and the impact (cost, schedule, technical). This score provides a most-to-least critical rank order of the risks. Formally, this scoring model originates from the concept of linear utility, where the more important risks get higher numbers and the gaps between the numbers correspond to the relative strengths of the differences.

    RiskNav Analysis

    RiskNav uses a Scoring Model to prioritize Risks

    In graphical form, RiskNav represents three key aspects of each risk in the risk space: risk priority, probability, and the mitigation/management status. Data points represent risks, and the color of a box indicates the status of the mitigation action (White: no plan; Red: plan not working; Yellow: may not work; Green: most likely successful; Blue: completed successfully; Black: actions will be started at a later date). Data points can be selected to show detailed Risk Information about the analysis, who is working the management actions, the status, and other information.

    RiskNav Plot

    RiskNav Visualizes the Risk Space showing both Risk Priority and Mitigration Status

    RiskNav also displays a 5x5 Frequency Chart showing the number of risks in each square of a 5x5 matrix of probability versus consequence ranges. The Red cells contain the highest priority risks. The Yellow and Green cells contain medium and low priority risks, respectively. RiskNav incorporates an admin capability that allows the chart's probability and consequence ranges to be customized. Clicking on a cell provides a detailed list of the risks in that cell. The All Red, All Yellow and All Green icons at the top of the chart can be used to list risks in all cells of a particular color.

    RiskNav Display

    RiskNav Displays a 5x5 Frequency Chart to Identify High Priority Risks

    If you are a government/DoD user and would like additional information on RiskNav, please contact risknav@mitre.org.

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