Image Quality from a SineWave or Bar Target (MTF)

MITRE developed its MTF application to compute the Modulation Transfer Function of an imaging system using a sinewave target*, or compute the Contrast Transfer Function (CTF) using a bar target. Aliasing is detected and quantified and, for a sinewave, the input/output relation is established.

  •   v6.6 - executables for Windows & Mac, with source code [8MB]

Image Quality from an Edge Target (SFR)

MITRE modified existing code to compute the Spatial Frequency Response (SFR) using an edge target, following procedures defined in ISO-12233*. The SFR equals the MTF of an imaging system under certain conditions.

  •   v1.4.2 - executables for Windows & Mac, with source code [1MB]

Image Quality from the Natural Scene (IQM)

MITRE developed its Image Quality Measure (IQM) application to directly measure the quality of an arbitrary image, i.e., it does not require imaging a specific target, constant scene, or reference image. IQM (overview.pdf) is computed from the image's spatial frequency power spectrum.

  •   v7.3 - executables for Windows & Mac, with source code [4MB]

Image Quality of Fingerprint (IQF)

IQF is a derivative of IQM, tailored specifically for fingerprint quality assessment.

  •   v1.53 - executables for Windows & Mac, with source code [2MB]

MITRE developed the MTF, SFR, and IQF freeware applications to support performance analysis of fingerprint capture devices and printers for FBI product certifications, for the FBI's Certified Products List* and the US government's Personal Identity Verification (PIV*) program. Corresponding to these certifications are available spec and test procedures [3.3MB]. These applications support development of devices enabling high accuracy examination, matching, and identification of fingerprints and interoperability across the forensics/law enforcement community.

MITRE originally developed the IQM freeware application to support the US government's needs in image reconnaissance/surveillance and interpretation/exploitation. IQM correlates with NIIRS*, the traditional visual image interpretability rating scale used for such purposes. IQM is structured such that the user can tailor it for quality evaluation of other image types, e.g., pictorial, medical, image compression studies, etc.

* non-MITRE website

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