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Standard Process
  • Definitions
  • Steps of Process
  • Tailoring Guidelines


  • Self Assessment
  • Compliance Process
  • CMMI Risk Management Goals
  • Risk Review


  • AF Policy Directive 90-9: Operational Risk Management, 1 April 2000
  • AFI 90-901: Operational Risk Management, 1 April 2000
  • AFMC Instruction 90-902: Operational Risk Management, Dec 2007

    Support Assets

  • Affinity Diagrams
  • Brainstorming
  • Risk Plotting
  • Risk Statements


  • Individual
  • Consolidated
  • Risk Areas

  • Tools & Techniques

  • RiskNav
  • Risk Matrix
  • Risk Radar


  • Risk Process Orientation
  • Detailed Risk Process
  • Facilitator Training


  • Sample Risk Management Plan
  • Process Lessons Learned


    The ability to develop a realistic series of things to be done in sequence of events within given period (timeframe) that fully considers resource usage and availability.


    • Is there sufficient time to develop, document, and gain approval for program acquisition strategy?

    • Is there sufficient time to contract, develop, and test a supportable product?

    • Is schedule considered in trade-off studies?

    • Does the schedule reflect realistic acquisition planning?

    • Are the Acquisition Planning Board (APB) schedule objectives realistic and attainable?

    • Are the resources available to meet schedule?

    • Does the schedule accommodate for rework?

    • Does the schedule accommodate for contingency planning?

    • Are the schedule estimation methods accurate and standardized within program?

    • How visible is the program schedule to decision-makers and higher-level management?

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